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Our production needed to provide the Gerber file, BOM, coordinates (Metric), such as special instructions please file format e-mail or qq send our pickup. Our company is based on the BOM table for the quasi production. Please all customers to provide us with the production must ensure the correctness of the BOM table. We do not accept the model as a quasi production, and do not accept some of the BOM table in the form of reference to the model to produce. If there are special components (non-standard welding requirements) can not be described by the BOM text can provide process picture description or the actual model as a reference. If we do not assume any responsibility for the BOM documents provided by your company. Caused by the stop or rework will be our business with your company to discuss the cost of rework.

Material aspect:
Division I as a processing specially set up incoming inspection (IQC), the specific content of the test with material values (resistance and capacitance measurement, other materials currently could not be measured) and material specification is consistent with the BOM and device appearance has not damaged, the device type marked with BOM shall be consistent with the requirements, the naked eye can judge the oxidation. The actual material specifications and FPC/PCB pads are the same.
In terms of materials, we give advice on:
1: your release material to us please provide the material list. Work orders must have the exact number of the actual.
2: issuing to us before your company should have special material inspection, it's possible to avoid the material to our are abnormal and refueling.
3: if you provide the actual material models and your company's BOM file models are in and out please note (indicate this material can be substituted).
4: common resistance capacitance ` ` inductor needs provide dish (sample and small batch hope), other audion ` tantalum capacitor ` small IC if unable to provide disk installed as may according to the actual demand quantity multiple several, because a small compound material machine mount there will be a loss. We don't receive the same material as a bag for a few sections.
5: it is recommended that all customers as far as possible the purchase of the original materials, this can avoid the oxidation of materials can also guarantee the quality of products. I am currently IQC is only the naked eye to determine whether the oxidation can not completely check out the oxidation. Once the on-line production must be caused by the delay or late to stop the delay or put more manpower to repair solder.
6:FPC/ aluminum substrate area is relatively large board recommended to select a better point of FPC/ aluminum plate, which can reduce the deformation occurred in the production.

Our production each kind of product in the single will be enclosed with the consignment issued a production process record single copy (LV our archive) which records the process abnormal problems encountered in the production, including production, incoming, process abnormality, FPC welding wheel design. Please pay attention to the issue of this single description.

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